Stop the Goats

We will stop the goats. I pledge to you, my fellow Australians, I will not tolerate the arrival of these goats. Wave after wave they arrive. I will defend my waterhole.

You play as the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and try to defend your waterhole from the invading goats.

Each wave increases by 10. If you can survive the first wave of 15 goats, then look out! The next wave is going to be 25. And so on. Have you bought a hammer yet? If you buy a hammer you can repair your boundary fence half way through the wave. Or maybe you'd prefer to buy a stronger fence. It will last twice as long as the standard fence.

Log into Game Center to keep track of who is stopping the most goats.

PRO TIP: Goats will only arrive after you shoot the smaller pieces of goat. The more smaller pieces you shoot, the more goats arrive, the more you get to STOP.



  • Play as Tony Abbott, our fearless Australian Leader.
  • Short game play or long game play, your choice.
  • Easy to play. Not at all complicated.
  • High Score counter
  • Game Center to see who's stopping the most goats
  • Achievements: Who can battle 60 goats at once?
  • Twittercards. Tweet your favourite card and help promote this independent game.



A Media Kit is available at the following Dropbox download link. It contains logos, artwork, screens grabs and the teaser trailer. You are welcome to use all art contained in the link in order to help promote this game.

Download Media Kit