Choccy Duck

Do you like Chocolate? How much?

I bet you don't like chocolate as much as Choccy Duck. He loves it and lives for it. Literally. Carrots on the other hand....

So go for the choccys and steer clear of the carrots. It's as simple as that.


The game is very simple. Once you start, you just have to keep collecting and munching your chocolates for as long as you can. Carrots will kill you.

NEW update features chocolates from around the world. You can select your closest region to play with all your favourite chocolate bars. Hershey's, Snickers, Kit Kat, Cherry Ripe, Cadbury, Reeses, Toblerones... the list goes on.


  • Small download
  • One-touch gameplay
  • Leaderboards
  • Annoying sounds
  • Neat 8-bit graphics



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