Think you know logos?

A new type of logo quiz has arrived. No more typing! No more multiple choice! This time you need to KNOW YOUR LOGOS. We've taken some of the most famous and well known logos and tweaked bits and pieces here and there. You'll have a choice of 3 logos presented each time. 2 are wrong and one is right.


We start you off with 25. You need to get 25 (at least) right to complete the game. Look out though, get one wrong and you'll need to get another 5 right. Maybe you'll prefer to the use the magic button that will delete one of the wrong logos (You only need to guess another 3 logos then). Or better yet use the skip button to skip it all together. We understand that no everyone can know every logo, right?



Which ever way you choose to complete your game, just do it quick, because the timer is ticking and at the end you'll earn your Boplogo score. Just like golf, Lower is better. When your happy with your Boplogo score, tweet it! Brag about. Not many people will be as good as bopping as you.


Lower Rounds

Complete 5 games and you'll earn the right to shorten the game by 5. Meaning you only need to get 20 logos correct. This will help you earn a lower Boplogo score. Right?

Keep playing until you only need to play 5 at a time. Wow, so easy when you only need to guess 5 logos.


  • Common logos from all over the world
  • Some are easy, some are hard. All are fun.
  • 1 free category, 3 purchasable if you enjoy playing it
  • Gamecenter leaderboards for each category
  • Lower Boplogo scores are better!